For all ISGCI events, all performers are hereby notified that they must adhere to the following “Performance Standards” in order to entertain and appear onstage.

  1. Always remember, you should always perform to entertain your audience. Ask yourself, “Who is my audience and will they enjoy this?”
  2. Lip syncing should be in sync with the song you choose. Know your words!
  3. Practice good personal hygiene: clean clothes, deodorant and draq queen should have exposed body hair shaved.
  4. Costumes should match the theme of your performance. Clothes should match and fit your body type and/or your performance type.
  5. As the audience is expecting drag (king or queen) entertainers, male and female entertainers performing in their same gender need to put more effort into their performances. Costumes and gimmicks are expected. Change for your performances and do not wear plain street clothes.

If you need help or are unsure about any of these minimal guidelines, please ask someone for assistance.

Those not adhering to these prescribed guidelines will be penalized according to the following:

  • First offense: a written/verbal warning from the Board President.
  • Second offense: a two-month performance suspension from all ISGCI shows.
  • Third offense: a six-month performance suspension from all ISGCI shows.