When Gem Emperor 7 Troy Sherrill and Gem Empress 9 Lapis stepped down from their Emperor and Empress positions they were presented with the Gem and Crown Ring as a gift from Rose Empress 28 Dora Jar (they were the first to dawn the Gem with Crown ring). 

The rings were once again presented to Gem Emperor 18 William Snow and Gem Empress 18 Cassidy Snow as a step-down gift by Rose Empress 28 Dora Jar; after Reign 18, King Father of all Idaho & Gem Emperor 19 and 24 Ken Litz-Bixler had Artsmith’s Jeweler in Boise copy the mold design from Gem Emperor Troy’s ring and, since then, this has been the gift that the ISGCI presents to ISGCI E&E’s who have successfully completed their year, traditionally given at victory brunch.