The Jerry Swett Fund is solely available for PWAs (People with AIDS). Priority is given to living expenses and essential transportation, but is not limited to them.

  • No more than $100 at a time for each case.
  • No more than $300 per calendar year for each case. Calendar year is herein described as August 1 through July 31.
  • Members of ISGCI will know these cases only by their case numbers.
  • Case numbers are assigned and maintained by the Administrators or by referral agencies.

The Jerry Swett Fund shall be administered by six (6) members appointed by the Court and shall be known as the Administrators.

Funds shall be disbursed upon approval of at least three (3) of the six (6) Administrators. Funds will be disbursed via check payable to third parties and never to clients.

The Court Treasurer will open and maintain a separate checking account for the Jerry Swett Fund, using existing accounting and account signatory procedures; Jerry Swett Funds shall not be co-mingled with General Court Funds.