scepter The Imperial Sceptre of the ISGCI was originally designed by the ISGCI King Father, Ken Litz-Bixler many decades ago. This original Sceptre was first acknowledged and used when the ISGCI Queen Mother, Victoria, reigned as Gem Empress XIX. sceptre2

Ken states that when Victoria had the Sceptre that it wasn’t completely finished yet, so a part of the staff only had velvet wrapped around it. Victoria would hide this ‘issue’ with her hand while holding the Sceptre.

Gem Empress XVII, Brittany, was the last Monarch to have and use the original Sceptre. During her reign the Sceptre broke and a replacement was fashioned from parts of the original.

The gem that adorns the ISGCI’s current Sceptre is a replacement of the one that was donated by Gem Emperor II, Glenn, for the second-designed Sceptre. The current version was adorned to the the Sceptre when Glenn’s gem broke.