As a non-profit, the ISGCI helps other non-profits in fiscal need and community outreach.  As such, the ISGCI is proud to recommend the following community resources:

The Mr., Miss and Mrs. Gay Idaho Foundation — MGI — is the second oldest LGBTQ organization in the state of Idaho and was originally founded over 35 years ago by the ISGCI but is now its own separate non-profit organization, this community service organization has state-wide titleholders who raise funds for charities from around Idaho.

Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV and AIDS — ALPHA — is a community outreach organization for the education, public awareness and testing for HIV and AIDS.

Centro De Comunidad Y Justicia (Center for Community and Justice) — CCJ — is a non-profit organization their mission is to organize community-based efforts to improve the education, economic, and social status and AIDS testing of Latinos in Idaho.